Company Overview

TransNepal TRS Logipark Pvt. Ltd. a 50:50 Joint Venture company incorporated in the year 2023 with the objective of operating and managing terminals in Nepal. The company has signed the contract of operation and management of Chobhar ICD with Nepal Intermodel Transport Development Board and commenced its operation from December 2023.

Board of Director

SN Name Designation
1 Mukesh Kumar Rathi Director
2 Raghvendra Pratap Singh Director
3 Debangshu Mukherjee Director
4 Suresh Kumar R Director
5 Bhimraj Joshi Director
6 Dipendra Pratap Singh Director

Experience Behind the Wheel

SN Name Designation
1 Debangshu Mukherjee Management Committee Member
2 Capt. Mayur Paralkar Management Committee Member
3 Anand Kumar Singh Management Committee Member
4 Aditya Roy Management Committee Member and CFO
5 Ravi Vidyarthi Chief Executive Officer