Salient Features

Chobhar ICD is located in the southwestern corner of Kathmandu Valley in Kirtipur district and spreads over 11.77 hectares. It is divided into two section EXIM and DOMESTIC. Inland Clearance Depot will allow importers to make customs clearance of their goods in Kathmandu itself, saving them trips to the various border checkpoints from where shipments enter Nepal and will help facilitate trade and transit. Operationalization of this ICD would minimize the cost of logistics, time and problems related to the import and export of goods.

Chobhar ICD’s relevance will increase further once the Kathmandu-Terai expressway project comes into implementation or a railroad arrives to Kathmandu.

Some of the key facilities within the ICD complex include:

SN Particular Unit Types Of Structure
1 Main Admin Building in EXIM terminal 2345 sqm RCC Framed
2 Quarentine Building in EXIM terminal 885 sqm RCC Framed
3 Domestic admin Building in Domestic 912 sqm RCC Framed
4 Toilet (blocks of 32.5 sqm each 162 sqm RCC Framed
5 ESS & Pump House 428 sqm Prefab
6 Warehouse Shed (Exim Side) 2 No 1329 sqm each
7 Ware House (Domestic side) 2 No 1329 sqm each
8 Inspection Shed (Exim Side) 2 No 800 sqm each
9 Inspection Shed (Domestic Side) 2 No 800 sqm each
10 Driver rest room 108 sqm
11 Weigh Bridge (Exim Side) 80 MT Capacity 2 No
12 Weigh Bridge (Domestic Side) 80 MT Capacity 1 No
13 Parking and Container Yard RCC and Paver Block
14 Barrack for Armed Police Force
15 Stand By Diesel Generator 2 No 400 KVA
250 KVA
16 Fire Detection and Alarm System
17 CCTV Network and UPS System
18 Reach Stacker, Crane, Forklift


Chobhar Layout