Quality Policy:

We are committed to provide quality and hassle free services to the customer in a cost effective and consistent manner by using our expertise to ensure customer satisfaction and value for money through continual improvement in our quality management system

Code of Conduct:

TransNepal’s code of conducts

Code of Conduct for Board Members, Senior Management Team and the Employees:


This ‘Code of Conduct’ shall be applicable to all Board Members, the Senior Management Team and all the Employees. Ethical business conduct is a key to a business and consequently, all Board Members, the Senior Management Team and all the Employees are expected to read and understand this code and emulate these standards in their day to day activities.

Conduct of Business

Services Quality

Legislative Compliance

Reporting to the Board

Conflict of Interest

Protecting Company’s Assets


Outside Activities

Non-abuse of official position

Consumption of Intoxication drinks and drugs

The Directors and Employees shall:

Sexual Harassment

High Level of Ethical Standards

Variation of the Code and Waivers

Violation of the Code