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separate arrangement within the ICDs to accommodate tankers/bullets carrying petroleum products container yard of approx. 3700 square meter

Custom Examination

•Light structure shed in ICD Biratnagar designed specially to perform custom inspection to Bullock Carts & Tractor Trolly.

Cargo Handling

transforming from manual to mechanical, the company is pleased to introduce ; •Escorts F-15 pick, carry crane ,Forklift-3000kgs HYUNDAI



Biratnagar ICD has the capacity to accommodate more than 150 vehicles and Bhairahawa ICD has more than 250 vehicles at a time..


we have installed 100Ton capacity Digital Weighbridge accommodated with Electronic Weighing Scales.

Custom Examination

Appraisal Shed of 36x24 meter with 1.2 meter high level platform ,custom inspection to Bullock Carts & Tractor Trolly.

Cargo Handling

mechanically with Escorts F-15 pick & carry crane,One Forklift-3000kgs HYUNDAI ,Two Pallet Trolly- 5000kgs & 3000Kgs



Earlier cargoes were being totally handled manually.In the current situation where handling activities have been transforming from manual to mechanical.