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separate arrangement within the ICDs to accommodate tankers/bullets carrying petroleum products container yard of approx. 3700 square meter

Custom Examination

•Light structure shed in ICD Biratnagar designed specially to perform custom inspection to Bullock Carts & Tractor Trolly.

Cargo Handling

transforming from manual to mechanical, the company is pleased to introduce ; •Escorts F-15 pick, carry crane ,Forklift-3000kgs HYUNDAI



Biratnagar ICD has the capacity to accommodate more than 150 vehicles and Bhairahawa ICD has more than 250 vehicles at a time..


we have installed 100Ton capacity Digital Weighbridge accommodated with Electronic Weighing Scales.

Custom Examination

Appraisal Shed of 36x24 meter with 1.2 meter high level platform ,custom inspection to Bullock Carts & Tractor Trolly.

Cargo Handling

mechanically with Escorts F-15 pick & carry crane,One Forklift-3000kgs HYUNDAI ,Two Pallet Trolly- 5000kgs & 3000Kgs

Salient Features

Spread over 129 bighas of land, Biratnagar ICP is equipped with Warehouses for Export and Import separately, Cold Storage, Terminal Building,  Restaurant, Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, Banks, Resting facility, Currency Exchange, Litigation Shed and Parking & Container Yard,CCTV Surveillance that are required for the clearance of goods and movement of people from a single location, thereby reducing trading & transit cost for traders.

Adequate facilities for quarantine, amenities for drivers, passengers, and security personnel have also been created, along with a wastewater treatment plant and large scale landscaping and tree plantation to conserve and enhance the environment.

The ICP started full-fledged operations from February 1, 2020 and cross border cargo movement has been completely shifted from ICD to ICP Biratnagar.

Some of the key facilities within the ICP complex include:

SN Particular Unit
1 Building
(a) Administrative Building, Double Storey 1320 sqm.
(b) Dispensary Building, Single Storey 161 sqm.
(c) Customs service Building, Double Storey 658 sqm.
(d) Dormitory Building, Single Storey 647 sqm.
(e) Security Barrack Building, Double storey 837 sqm.
(f) Quarantine Building, Single Storey 250 sqm.
(g) Electrical Sub Station Building, Single Storey 290 sqm
(h) Entrance Gate, Double Storey 133 sqm
(i) Toilet Block- Type 1 (Import & Export) 2 Nos Single Storey. 35 sqm
(j) Toilet Block – Type 2 (Import & export) 2 Nos Single Storey 47 sqm
(k) Watch Tower, 4 Nos, Four Storey 63 sqm
2 Pre-engineered Sheds/Godowns: –
(a)Warehouse Arrival with refrigeration facilities (Import Side) 1520 sqm
(b) Warehouse Departure (Export Side) 740 sqm
(c) Animal Shed (Import Side) 100 sqm
(d) process Shed (Import ide) 2500 sqm
(e) process Shed (Export Side) 2500 sqm
(f) process cabins 31 Nos 418 sqm
3 Weigh Bridge – 100 MT 1 No
4 Weigh Bridge – 80 MT 2 No
5 Parking Yard 250 Vehicle
6 Container Yard 200 Boxes
7 CCTV, PA, Fire Alarm Detection System
8 Sewage Treatment Plant – 50 KLD Capacity
9 Custom Examination Shed
10 Diesel Generator
11 Railway Yard-NCY
12 Additional Space for Cargo Storage
13 Immigration Office