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ICD Tatopani

Salient Features

Tatopani ICD is located in Sidhupachowk, Bagmati Province 114 Km north east of Kathmandu. Tatopani and Rasua are two important cross border points of Nepal to China. But Tatopani point provides better better services and facilitates trade and transit efficiently than Rasua because of this ICD and better road connectivity. With the development of North-South Road Corridors along Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali rivers, trade between India and China can happen via Nepal and Tatopani ICD will play a crucial role in facilitating the north-south trade between India and China.

Some of the key facilities within the ICD complex include:

1Developed Land area 41895 sqm.
2Admin Building Two storied building of total floor area 3011 sqm
3Warehouse1129 sqm
4Good Shed700 sqm
5Inspection Shed598 sqm
6Electric SubstationAvailable 136 sqm
7Canteen BuildingAvailable
8Parking Yard175 vehicles approx. sqm
9Custom Litigation Shed207 sqm
10Vacant LandAvailable for additional parking
11Other Facilities EV Charging, CCTV Surveillance, Crain, Forklift etc.
12Weigh Bridge100 MT
13Quarter Building for CustomTotal Floor area 989 sqm
14Bathroom BlockAvailable
15Greenery Area10465 sqm
16Diesel Generator Set125 KVA